Anatomy and Physiology of Pain Principles of Pain Spinal Cord Stimulation Intrathecal Drug Delivery Selective Spinal Cord Lesioning Neuroanesthesia

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Pain Therapies comprise two key neuromodulation technologies – neurostimulation and intrathecal drug delivery – both of which are indicated to reduce and control chronic, intractable pain. Which type of therapy to use can generally be determined by the indication, type of pain and the screening period. As neuromodulation requires a multidisciplinary approach.


Anatomy and physiology of the spinal cord, various types of pain, and an overview of neurostimulation and intrathecal drug delivery including indications, patient selection, implantation techniques, post-operative management, and information on programming and refilling are discussed.

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Inomed ISIS Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring started to function in all our related surgeries.
Oct /07/2009
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